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The Podcast for the SF Bay Peninsula featuring interviews with local politicians, community members, and engaged citizens.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Interview with Candidate for Judge of San Mateo County Superior Court- Richard Wilson

    Podcast By The Bay continues their coverage for the June 5 election and meets with Richard Wilson who is running for Judge of the San Mateo County Superior Court.   Richard, who is a former attorney for the UC Regents, speaks on his vision and why he wants to challenge ...


  2. Discussing Regional Measure 3 with President and CEO of Silicon Valley Leadership Group- Carl Guardino

    Podcast By The Bay sits down with President and CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and Commissioner of the California Transportation Commision, Carl Guardino.   Carl discusses Regional Measure 3 with the updates, projects, and components for the upcoming June 5th election ballot measure. Carl also brings a wealth ...


  3. Interview with Woodside Councilman and Transportation Visionary- Dave Tanner

    Podcast By The Bay returns to our “People on the Peninsula” series to showcase an exclusive interview with Woodside Councilman and visionary Dave Tanner.  Dave recently presented at the San Mateo Council of Cities an innovative idea to bring a rail system connecting San Bruno all the way to ...


  4. Interview with San Mateans for Responsive Government Representative Michael Weinhauer

    Podcast By The Bay sits down with San Mateans for Responsive Government Representative Michael Weinhauer whom discusses their active signature campaign to renew the upcoming expiration of San Mateo Measure P in 2020 which enables provisions for heights, densities and affordable housing in the general plan of San Mateo. ...


  5. Interview with Candidate for Mayor of San Francisco- Angela Alioto

    Podcast By The Bay continues their election coverage with current candidate for Mayor of San Francisco Angela Alioto.  Angela, who is a longtime civil-rights attorney and public servant discusses her vision for San Francisco and ideas on issues like housing, homelessness, and bridging the political divide.  This episode features ...