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The Podcast for the SF Bay Peninsula featuring interviews with local politicians, community members, and engaged citizens.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Interview with Candidate for Mayor of San Francisco- Angela Alioto

    Podcast By The Bay continues their election coverage with current candidate for Mayor of San Francisco Angela Alioto.  Angela, who is a longtime civil-rights attorney and public servant discusses her vision for San Francisco and ideas on issues like housing, homelessness, and bridging the political divide.  This episode features ...


  2. Foster City Resident Discussion Regarding The Levee Bond, Measure P

    Podcast By The Bay sits down with engaged Foster City residents to discuss their perspective on the Foster City Levee Bond Measure P for the upcoming June 5 election.  Speaking with community members at a resident level we hear feedback directly from Sam Hindi, Amit Saini, Bob Cushman, Gary ...


  3. Interview with Mayor of Woodside- Chris Shaw

    Podcast By The Bay sits down with Town of Woodside Mayor Chris Shaw as part of their Mayor on the Peninsula Series.   Chris discusses some of the local perspective from Woodside and views on traffic, housing, and recent government progress.  This episode features music by Leo DeVito and finally ...


  4. Interview with Dave Jones current CA Insurance Commissioner and candidate for Attorney General

    Podcast By The Bay sits down with current Insurance Commissioner of CA and current candidate for Attorney General of California Dave Jones.  Commissioner Jones discusses many topics including housing, FEMA, healthcare, the insurance industry, and his candidacy for Attorney General of CA.  This episode features music by Leo DeVito ...


  5. Interview with Foster City Mayor Sam Hindi

    Podcast by the Bay sits down with our hometown Mayor of Foster City Sam Hindi as part of our “Mayor on the Peninsula” series.  Sam provides insight on his views on the housing crisis, traffic, the Saris Regis Proposal and his vision for Foster City. This episode features music ...