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The Podcast for the SF Bay Peninsula featuring interviews with local politicians, community members, and engaged citizens.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Interview with Criminal Defense Attorney Jeff Hayden- Feb. 2018

    Criminal Defense Attorney Jeff Hayden is featured on an exclusive interview where he takes us on mini law school lesson discussing some of the thought process and decisions of a criminal defense attorney as well as his thoughts on current issues such as bail reform and the judge recall effort ...


  2. Discussion Meetup Dinner with Podcast by the Bay- Feb. 2018

    Pull up a seat at our table for our Discussion Meetup Dinner Series where we discuss many of the big ideas of the day including Society, Government, Technology, International Affairs, Healthcare and of course Politics.  Solutions and topics are encouraged at this dinner, and participating in our meetup on this episode ...


  3. Interview with Colma Mayor Raquel Gonzalez and also coverage from The Special Needs Children's Summit- Feb. 2018

    Podcast By the Bay features an exclusive interview with Colma Mayor Raquel Gonzalez discussing current projects and essence of this historical town.  Also Patrick takes us live to The Special Needs Children Summit in San Mateo where he interviews the showcased panel of experts including John Bartfield, Carolyn Schwartzbord, and Dr. Mary M. Browning.  ...


  4. Interview with Burlingame Mayor Michael Brownrigg- Feb. 2018

    Podcast by the Bay sits down for an exclusive interview with current Burlingame Mayor Michael Brownrigg who discusses current projects including Burlingame Ave improvements and the Broadway overpass project, and also discusses the future for Burlingame.  Also Patrick interviews Manu on the "People on the Peninsula" Series.   Patrick interviewed Mayor ...


  5. Interview with San Mateo Mayor Rick Bonilla- Feb. 2018

    Podcast by the Bay sits down for an exclusive interview with current San Mateo Rick Bonilla who discusses current projects like Bay Meadows and the relocation of Hillsdale train station, and also his vision for San Mateo and the downtown opportunity.  Patrick and Rick Interviewed in Feb. 2018 Website-  www.podcastbythebay.comTwitter-   ...