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The Podcast for the SF Bay Peninsula featuring interviews with local politicians, community members, and engaged citizens.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Interview with Professor Michele Dauber discussing the Recall Judge Persky Campaign- Feb. 2018

    Podcast by the Bay conducts an exclusive interview with Stanford Professor Michele Dauber discussing the recall Judge Aaron Persky campaign (From the Brock Turner case) and the upcoming June Ballot measure.  Michele also highlights the inbalance of the current judicial system and how this case became one of the prequels and early sign of ...


  2. Live from CA Democratic Convention- Interviews with Gavin Newsom, Kevin Mullin, and others! - Feb. 2018

    Podcast by the Bay is live on the beat at the recent CA Democratic Convention Feb. 24,25 in San Diego with Patrick interviewing Gavin Newsom, Kevin Mullin, Sabrina Brennan, Ryan Khojasteh, Maria Elena Durazo and many more interviews and highlights.   Also Andre rants about drivers that run red lights on the ...


  3. Gun Violence Discussion Part 2- Solutions

    In Part 2 of our 2 part special "Discussion Meetup" mini-series regarding Gun Violence, we continue the panel discussion think tank with participants Chelsea Bonini, Karla Magie, Alvin Hsieh, Andre, and Patrick.   In this segment, the panel discusses practical solutions while leveraging each others ideas in a think tank approach regarding Gun Violence.  ...


  4. Gun Violence Discussion Part 1

    In Part 1 of our 2 part special "Discussion Meetup" mini-series we host a live panel discussion think tank, and discuss Gun Violence and some of the causes and underlying issues.  Panel participants include Chelsea Bonini, Karla Magie, Alvin Hsieh, and also Andre and Patrick, and the panel disects and breaks ...


  5. Interview with Current Redwood City Mayor- Ian Bain- Feb 2018

    This episode showcases an exclusive interview with current Redwood City Mayor Ian Bain who discusses his vision for this Tech & Biotech hot city on the Peninsula.  Also in our new segment entitled "People on the Peninsula" PBTB speaks with Seva, a college student that works 3 jobs that highlights her ...