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The Podcast for the SF Bay Peninsula featuring interviews with local politicians, community members, and engaged citizens.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Interviews with CA Assemblyman Kevin Mullin, San Mateo Councilman Joe Goethals, and Belmont Councilman Charles Stone- Dec.2017

    Interviews with Kevin Mullin the current CA Assemblyman for San Mateo County District 22, current City Council and Former Mayor of San Mateo Joe Goethals, and finally current City Council and Outgoin Mayor of Belmont Charles Stone.  Also Andre and Patrick discussing recent and upcoming future shows.  Recorded and interviewed ...


  2. Interview with City Manager of Foster City Kevin Miller & Public Work Director Jeff Moneda discussing Levee and Bond- Dec. 2017

    Patrick Interviews City Manager of Foster City Kevin M. Miller and Public Works Director Jeff Moneda to dicuss the current Levee proposal and bond.  Inteerviewed in Dec. 2017 they discuss a wide rande of specifics and feedback. Website-  www.podcastbythebay.comTwitter-  https://twitter.com/@PodcastbythebayFaceBook-  www.facebook.com/podcastbythebay ...


  3. Sam Runco Interview discussing Bayfront property- Oct. 2017

    Patrick Interviews longtime Foster City resident Sam Runco who discusses his property and vision in working with the city which is located across the street from Bowditch Middle School.   Andre and Patrick discuss exit strategy during disaster.  Website-  www.podcastbythebay.comTwitter-  https://twitter.com/@PodcastbythebayFaceBook-  www.facebook.com/podcastbythebay   ...


  4. Foster City Councilman Herb Perez discussing business planning, School Board, and Saris Regis- Dec. 2017

    Andre interviews current Foster City Councilman Herb Perez and discusses current business state, ideal business planning, the relationship between Foster City and school board, a High school, and Saris Regis project.  Interviewed- Dec. 2017    Website-  www.podcastbythebay.comTwitter-  https://twitter.com/@PodcastbythebayFaceBook-  www.facebook.com/podcastbythebay   ...


  5. Bob Cushman Interview discussing Saris Regis Project- Nov. 2017

    Podcast by the Bay showcases an exclusive interview with engaged community leader and activist Bob Cushman who discusses the current Saris Regis Housing Proposal in Foster City.  Interviewed in November of 2017   Website-  www.podcastbythebay.comTwitter-  https://twitter.com/@PodcastbythebayFaceBook-  www.facebook.com/podcastbythebay ...