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The Podcast for the SF Bay Peninsula featuring interviews with local politicians, community members, and engaged citizens.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Real Estate Perspective and Robert Pedro and Patrick Sullivan

    Podcast By The Bay showcases a Real Estate Perspective with longtime realtors Robert Pedro and our own Patrick Sullivan for an in-depth discussion on whats happening with the Real Estate Market here on the SF Bay Peninsula.  Robert and Patrick and discuss various topics including types of home building, capital ...


  2. Former Mayor and Councilwoman of Foster City- Pam Frisella

    Podcast By The Bay sits down with former 2-time Mayor and Councilwoman of Foster City, Pam Frisella.   Pam discusses some of her insights on the current political issues affecting Foster City including the Recall of the Vice-Mayor effort, the interpretation of The Brown Act, and her perspective on the past ...


  3. Live from the 19th Annual "Housing Leadership Day" Seminar

    Podcast By The Bay features coverage of the recent 19th Annual “Housing Leadership Day”, which was organized by the Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo.  We feature some of the participants and attendees including HLC Organizer Leora Tanjuatco Ross, San Mateo District 3 Supervisor Don Horsley, Belmont City Councilman ...


  4. Interview with San Mateo Mayor- Diane Papan

    Podcast By The Bay returns to local coverage featuring the Mayor on the Peninsula series with an interview from San Mateo Mayor, Diane Papan.  Diane and Patrick discuss many topics affecting San Mateo including housing, transportation, the current city council opportunity, and her future vision in public service. This ...


  5. NRA Whistle-Blower Aaron Lee Davis

    Podcast By The Bay speaks with whistle-blower Aaron Lee Davis, former employee of the National Rifle Association and who’s interview with the New Yorker magazine has made recent headlines.  Aaron provides insight on the culture of the NRA, feedback on some of the recent structural issues that's plagued the ...