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The Podcast for the SF Bay Peninsula featuring interviews with local politicians, community members, and engaged citizens.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Bob Cushman Interview discussing Saris Regis Project- Nov. 2017

    Podcast by the Bay showcases an exclusive interview with engaged community leader and activist Bob Cushman who discusses the current Saris Regis Housing Proposal in Foster City.  Interviewed in November of 2017   Website-  www.podcastbythebay.comTwitter-  https://twitter.com/@PodcastbythebayFaceBook-  www.facebook.com/podcastbythebay ...


  2. Steve Okamoto Discussing Japanese internment connection to Bay Area and proposed Memorial project- Dec. 2017

    Patrick Interviews Former Foster City Councilman Steve Okamoto who discusses the Peninsula history with the japanese internment camps in World War II, and proposed Memorial Project. Interviewed on Dec. 2017    Website-  www.podcastbythebay.comTwitter-  https://twitter.com/@PodcastbythebayFaceBook-  www.facebook.com/podcastbythebay ...