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The Podcast for the SF Bay Peninsula featuring interviews with local politicians, community members, and engaged citizens.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Foster City Council Candidate Coverage

    Podcast By The Bay continues our election coverage featuring all 5 candidates for the upcoming Foster City Council election on Nov. 3.  Candidates include LaTisa Brooks, Patrick Sullivan, Jon Froomin, Sam Hindi, and Catherine Mahanpour.  Podcast By The Bay does not endorse, but allows our platform for all the candidates ...


  2. HIP Housing Executive Director- Kate Comfort Harr

    Podcast By The Bay speaks with the current Executive Director for HIP Housing Kate Comfort Harr.  HIP (Human Investment Project) Housing is a San Mateo non-profit focusing on housing assistance.  Kate provides insight into various programs and vision on how we can move forward to produce a sustainable ...


  3. Abun​dant Grace Coastside Executive Director- Eric DeBode

    Podcast By The Bay sits down with Eric DeBode the Executive Director of the Abundant Grace Coastside Worker which is a non-profit focused on assistance with homelessness in the local area.  Patrick and Eric discuss many of the aspects of the support that Abundant provides and also touches on some ...


  4. Activist and San Mateo County Harbor Commissioner Sabrina Brennan

    Patrick speaks with Sabrina Brennan the current San Mateo County Harbor Commissioner and activist for women's rights and equality.   Sabrina discusses her activism around the environment and women's rights, current projects of the Harbor Commission, and also her take on the April 15th commission meeting that has made the recent news ...


  5. Foster City Council Candidate Forum for March 3 Election

    Podcast By The Bay opens their platform to the candidates for the Foster City Council recall election on March 3 in which the candidates will only be eligible if the recall initiative passes.  Both Patrick Sullivan and Jon Froomin participated and spoke to their vision and where they stand on ...