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The Podcast for the SF Bay Peninsula featuring interviews with local politicians, community members, and engaged citizens.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Flintstone House Discussion

    Yabba Dabba Doo!  Podcast By The Bay discusses the Flintstone house, the property off of Highway 280 in Hillsborough that has been in the news and gets down to the core of the issue.   We speak with both parties on this case including the property owners attorney Angela Alioto, ...


  2. CA District 13 Senate Candidate- Michael Brownrigg

    Podcast By The Bay begins their candidate coverage for the CA District 13 Senate seat with current Burlingame councilman and former Mayor, Michael Brownrigg.   Michael talks regional vision for District 13 on housing, transportation, homelessness, living costs, and also why his years of experience both in the public and ...


  3. CA Assemblymember for District 24- Marc Berman

    Podcast By The Bay continues their Bay Area Assemblymember coverage and features CA State Assemblymember for District 24 Marc Berman.  Assemblymember Berman discusses his vision on many topics including a new bill on student homelessness, education, housing, sexual harassment, income disparity, and also some background on how he got into ...


  4. Teacher Housing with Executive Director for HEART of San Mateo County- Armando Sanchez

    Podcast By The Bay sits down with Armando Sanchez, the Executive Director of the HEART of San Mateo which is a non-profit organization dedicated to housing needs here on the Peninsula.  Armando discusses his ideas and strategic vision on teacher housing as well as topics like income disparity, HEART ...


  5. Interview with Foster City Mayor- Sam Hindi

    Podcast By The Bay Kicks off their 2019 Mayor on the Peninsula series featuring our own hometown Mayor of Foster City Sam Hindi.   Sam discusses many of the current Foster City topics of the day including the E. Hillsdale cut-through traffic project, hovercrafts, business development, and the Charter Square ...