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The Podcast for the SF Bay Peninsula featuring interviews with local politicians, community members, and engaged citizens.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Interview with Current Redwood City Mayor- Ian Bain- Feb 2018

    This episode showcases an exclusive interview with current Redwood City Mayor Ian Bain who discusses his vision for this Tech & Biotech hot city on the Peninsula.  Also in our new segment entitled "People on the Peninsula" PBTB speaks with Seva, a college student that works 3 jobs that highlights her ...


  2. Interview with Daly City Mayor Juslyn Manalo- Feb. 2018

    This episode showcases an exclusive Interview from late Dec. 2017 with current Daly City Mayor Juslyn Manalo discussing the various projects with Seton Hospital and Westlake Shopping Center.  Also Juslyn highlights the goals and her vision as mayor of the most highest populated city on the Peninsula.   On thought of the episode ...


  3. SMFC Outgoing Board Member Chelsea Bonini Interview, and Update with Foster City Lions Club President- Feb. 2018

    Outgoing and former San Mateo Foster City School Board Member Chelsea Bonini discusses the education dynamics between Foster City and San Mateo, and also the Charter Square School project.   Andre interviews current Foster City Lion's Club President Patrick Sullivan for an update of ongoing and future Lion's Club events, and ...


  4. Highlights of Foster City City Council Meeting with Mayor Sam Hindi, Planning Commission Meeting, and San Mateo/Foster City School Board Meeting. Jan. 2018

    Jan. 2018-  Highlights of a very exciting and debated Foster City Council Jan. 16th meeting discussing the levee reserve fund proposal, with feedback from Mayor Sam Hindi, Charlie Bronitski, Gary Pollard, Bob Cushman, and other residents.   Live commentary from Patrick at the Planning Committee Jan. 18th Meeting discussing the Saris ...


  5. Foster City Vice-Mayor & Councilman Gary Pollard Interview Exclusive- Part 2 Discussing Charter Square school and San Mateo/Foster City School Board relationship- Nov. 2017

    Part 2 of Exclusive Interview showcase with Foster City Vice-Mayor & Councilman Gary Pollard.  Recorded in Nov. 2017 Gary discusses the school for the Charter Square project, and the relationship with the San Mateo/FosterCity School district.   Finally Patrick and Andre discuss the overall overcrowding in the schools and alternative solutions.    Website-  www.podcastbythebay.comTwitter-  https://twitter.com/@PodcastbythebayFaceBook-  www.facebook.com/podcastbythebay ...