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The Podcast for the SF Bay Peninsula featuring interviews with local politicians, community members, and engaged citizens.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. NRA Whistle-Blower Aaron Lee Davis

    Podcast By The Bay speaks with whistle-blower Aaron Lee Davis, former employee of the National Rifle Association and who’s interview with the New Yorker magazine has made recent headlines.  Aaron provides insight on the culture of the NRA, feedback on some of the recent structural issues that's plagued the ...


  2. 2019 Discussion Meetup with Podcast By The Bay!

    Podcast By The Bay takes you out for dinner for our Discussion Meetup as we converse about many of the societal issues of the day including technology, A.I., government structure and policy, transportation, housing, homelessness, healthcare, and political state.  Joining us is a wonderful cast of participants with a ...


  3. The Chief Economic and Business Advisor for CA- Lenny Mendonca

    Podcast By The Bay sits down for a conversation with the Chief Economic and Business Advisor for the state of CA, Lenny Mendonca.  Lenny, whom brings an incredible wealth of experience and knowledge to his chief role, discusses vision from the state perspective on topics such as high-speed rail, ...


  4. SF Bay Area Society Discussion with Author of Silicon City- Cary McClelland- Part 2

    In this Part 2 episode with author Cary McClelland of the book Silicon City, Podcast By The Bay goes live after the interview (From Part 1) and dives into a discussion about the state of the SF Bay Area society.  Patrick, Andre, and Cary all offer perspectives ...


  5. Interview with "Silicon City" Author - Cary McClelland- Part 1

    In this Part 1 episode, Podcast By The Bay speaks with the author Cary McClelland about his book entitled Silicon City- San Francisco in the Long Shadow of the Valley.  Silicon City showcases an honest perspective of reality, rapid change, and the state of society featuring SF ...